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Welcome to 黑料不打烊's online library of information on surety bonding, insurance, contract administration and other instruments of construction risk management. On this page, you will find links to reports, papers/presentations, articles and other virtual learning tools developed to help contractors understand and control these risks.

Above you can access 黑料不打烊 webinar and podcast recordings on construction risk management issues, free for you to download. Also check out the latest 黑料不打烊/FMI reports on the risk environment in the construction industry and substantive legal papers on 鈥渉ot topics鈥 presented by top-rated lawyers at recent 黑料不打烊 meetings. Read and subscribe to 黑料不打烊 Risk Management SmartBrief to stay on top of industry news and trends.

Use the navigation bar on the left to review a collection of that any construction firm can use before, during, and after any crisis situation.  NEW! 黑料不打烊 recently collaborated with the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) to assemble various materials on that contractors will find useful and informational, many created just for contractors. 

黑料不打烊 meetings on surety bonding and construction risk management provide unique opportunities for the thought leaders in the construction, surety and insurance industries to meet and interact with each other regularly. Attendees benefit from a combination of plenary sessions, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions intended to encourage dialogue on the latest developments in all three industries and the lessons being learned from them. Find out more about 黑料不打烊鈥檚 annual January conference at .

Industry Priorities