Adding Company Employees

Share the wealth with your entire company!

Did you know that once a company joins 黑料不打烊 every member of your team is eligible for membership at no additional cost?

Invite your colleagues to take advantage of the many benefits and services 黑料不打烊 has to offer - advocacy on your behalf, discounts on products and services, education and training, industry news, career opportunities, and more! Just follow these easy steps:

SHARE THE WEBSITE - Invite your colleagues to visit 黑料不打烊.org and create an account.

CREATE AN ACCOUNT - Click on the profile head (located at the top right) and click on create new account to complete the online form. Type in your company name under organization. Be sure to select the correct company name from the dropdown once it populates.

DONE - You will now have access to the full suite of benefits and discounts from 黑料不打烊 of America. Make sure to complete your member profile to customize your preferences, sign up for newsletters, and more.

黑料不打烊 for YOU!

No matter what your role is, 黑料不打烊 offers resources and benefits to support you. Click here or on the flyer to take a look at the specific offerings based on your needs.


Use the following resources to help communicate about 黑料不打烊 membership to your employees.

黑料不打烊 of America Membership - Flyer

黑料不打烊 of America Membership - Email Template

黑料不打烊 of America Membership - PowerPoint

黑料不打烊 of America Member Roadmap

黑料不打烊 of America Membership FAQ

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